Our instructors are capable, competent, qualified and experienced individuals in their various disciplines. You can rest assured that your personal security concerns are in good hands.

Terry Casale


NRA Certified Handgun Instructor
SABRE Certified Pepper Spray Instructor
NRA Certified Range Safety Officer


  • Group & Private Safe Handgun Handling and Skills of
    Marksmanship Classes w/Live-fire Sessions
  • Multi-State CCW Certification Workshops
  • Defensive Pepper Spray Workshops
  • Range Safety Officer Duties – Supervising Live-fire Sessions

Frank Tabicas

Frank has a long history of involvement in the shooting sports. He is a certified NRA Pistol Instructor and NRA Certified Range Safety Officer. He has a passion to introduce people to the sport , as a result he spends many hours helping new shooters in his capacity as a Range Officer/Instructor at the Massasoit Gun Club.

Frank is an avid shooter and competes locally at “Action Shooting Competitions.” During these matches you will usually see him lending a hand as a Range Officer.

When he’s not at the range, he spends a lot of time behind his Dillon 650 reloading press preparing for his next match.

Jerry Masso

Jerry started shooting competitively back in the 80’s, when he traveled around the country shooting in rifle and pistol shooting competitions representing the USMC.

He retired from the RI Department of Corrections, where he was the first state Armorer and instrumental in adopting and training the DOC with all new firearms.

He also sat on the State Firearm Commission (RILEFI) which created and approved department firearm training courses, and authored the laws governing the firearm training and qualifications for all law enforcement officers in RI.

Jerry brings with him the following credentials:

  • Former Marine
  • Retired from the RI Department of Corrections – Range Master, Firearms Instructor, Armorer
  • LE Certified Instructor and Armorer – Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun, OC, Covert and Concealed Carry, Pepperball, Less Lethal, Baton and Simunitions,many other related disciplines (by various organizations such as the FBI, NRA, Sig Sauer, Action Target, Mossberg, Armalite, MLEFIAA, Combined Tactical and Pepperball)
  • Civilian Certifications from the NRA – Pistol, Shotgun, Rifle, Personal Protection, Home Firearm Safety, Chief Range Safety Officer
  • Formal Training from the US Department of Justice and Northwest University
  • Chief Range Officer for the Massasoit Gun Club for the past 29 years

Charles “Chas” Calenda Esq.

Chas is an accomplished and dynamic trial attorney in his 12th year of experience as an attorney handling a wide variety of cases.

Chas started his career as a state prosecutor in the Rhode Island Department of Attorney General. He served as first-chair in jury and non-jury trials involving many criminal charges, including but not limited to, computer crimes, narcotics crimes, and violent crimes, with a concentration on firearms cases in state courts. He now has entered the private practice of law at the law firm of Inman & Tourgee where he focuses his practice on criminal defense, general civil litigation, Family Court, and state and federal gun laws.

From 2014 through 2016, Chas was cross-designated as a Special Assistant United States Attorney in the District of Rhode Island to assist federal prosecutors with criminal prosecutions in federal court.

Chas is experienced in all phases of the litigation process from initial investigation, plea-bargaining and trial strategy, legal research and writing, to jury selection and trial.  Skilled at applying legal knowledge to devise high-impact case strategies that produce favorable trial results.

Chas is admitted to bar in the states of Connecticut, Florida, Nevada and Rhode Island

He handles the legal portion of several of our courses – such as:

  • The Principles of Self Defense and the Rules of Engagement
  • RI Concealed Carry Workshop w/Qualification
  • Personal Protection in the Home

We welcome Chas on board.