Train on your schedule.

This is for individuals or small groups. This personal approach provides for a personalized lesson plan to suit the specific needs and pace for the attending individual(s). This is also a great tool to provide a “Team Building” experience for a small group.

Call or write for an appointment, and/or to discuss a specific agenda tailored to your particular requirements.  We can then give you an estimate of the price based on our standard range rate of $50/hour per RSO/Instructor.

We can provide the firearms, ammunition, eye & ear protection as well as food and/or soft beverages to suit your needs.

NOTE: This is a live fire course and as such has certain pre-requisites.  In order to attend any of our live-fire courses, the attendees must be eligible to purchase a firearm under both Federal and State laws – that is they must not have any arrests or convictions for any crimes (minor traffic violations excepted), substance abuse issues of any type, no history of domestic violence, restraining orders or any mental health issues, etc.  A government issued picture ID must be presented.government issued picture ID must be presented.


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