This seminar really makes you think about what can happen.. I would enthusiastically recommend this class.
T.C., Warren, RI

Course Description

There is no live-fire associated with this course. 

This is the first of it’s kind – we deep dive into the aspects of Self-Defense Law and the Use of Deadly Force.

The legal aspects of this material is reviewed by Charles Calenda a well-known RI based attorney of the Inman & Tourgee Law Firm in Coventry RI.  Chas is well versed in the laws related to Concealed Carry, the Second Amendment as well as criminal law in the state of RI.

Chas comes to private practice with 12 years’ experience as a RI Assistant Attorney General whose area of concentration during those 12 years has been gun laws and violent crime prosecutions.  He as since moved into private practice and can put all of that experience to work for law abiding citizens who may find themselves caught up in a legal quagmire.

The use of Deadly Force materials is covered by Sgt. Bob Casale (ret.) who has beed certified as a Principles of Self-Defense Instructor by Attorney Andrew Branca as well as a certified instructor in The Use of Deadly Force by Massad Ayoob.

In this course, as my friend and mentor Massad Ayoob says:
              “you learn to act to the standards by which you will be judged                                                                                   – so you will not be found  wanting in your judgement”

We cover:

  • Legal Definitions & Concepts
  • How to Identify & Avoid Situations
  • Casual Encounters with LE When Carrying
  • The Principles of Self Defense
  • The Rules of Engagement
  • The engagement
  • The legal aftermath
    • What to say/what not to say
    • During the engagement
    • To 911
    • To first responders
    • To investigators

Pre-requisite: Attendees must have a valid LTC from any state.

Upcoming 2019

Jan 19     Mar16     May 18                1:00 PM – 5:00 PM

Preregistration is required.
Classes are open to the public.

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Classes are held at the Massasoit Gun Club  21 Abraham Road  Riverside, RI

PRICE : $150

Course length: 4 hrs.

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