USCCA’s Concealed Carry Fundamentals Seminar

Students taking this seminar will learn how to develop a personal and home protection plan; self-defense firearms basics; violent encounters and their aftermath; and more. This is not a live-fire course, we do use the latest technology available in laser training aids to assist the students in learning the basics of the principles of marksmanship.

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PSC CCA’s Principles of Self-Defense/Rules of Engagement

This seminar provides you with the information, tools, and mental preparedness necessary to navigate any legal repercussions that follows a lethal force encounter.  This is not a live-fire course.

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PSCCCA Multi-State Concealed Carry Bootcamp

Students taking these courses are assisted with the application and completion of up to six states’ requirements for a LTC: Massachusetts, Utah, Florida, Virginia, Maine, and Connecticut.  Some of the states require a live-fire component to their certification process – check the individual certification options for details.

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PSCCCA Rhode Island Concealed Carry Workshop & Qualifying

This workshop provides the attendees with the understanding of the RI application process (A/G, local authority & non-resident).  We also discuss the various laws related to firearms (usage, storage, concealment, etc.).  We review the do’s and don’ts of holsters, belts, accessories, ammunition as well as where & when not to carry.

The legal aspects of this material, in particular RI General Laws 11-47 with a deep dive into the 20 or so statutes which are of interest to most CCW holders – are reviewed by Charles Calenda a well-known RI based attorney of the Inman & Tourgee Law Firm in Coventry RI.

Chas is well versed in the laws related to Concealed Carry, the Second Amendment as well as criminal law in the state of RI as he comes to private practice with 12 years’ experience as a RI Assistant Attorney General whose area of concentration during those 12 years has been gun laws and violent crime prosecutions.  He has since moved into private practice and can put all of that experience to work for law abiding citizens who may find themselves caught up in a legal quagmire.

We also provide a brief introduction to the  Principles of Self Defense, the Rules of Engagement and how to handle the aftermath of a self-defense situation.

In addition, we offer a RI Qualifying experience – for those who achieve a score of 195 or better – you get a signed RI Qualification Certificate (good for one year) and a copy of your NRA Instructor’s Certificate for inclusion with your application.  For those who do not, you leave with a clear understanding of what needs to be done to improve your shooting for this course of fire.

Students Receive:

  • Two Spiral bound Student Guides (in landscaped, note-taking format) and an information rich CD which contain:
    • A complete Summary of Course Material covered
    • The CD contains a complete copy of  RI GL 11-47 (Firearms Chapter – all sections), the RI Attorney General’s CCW Application Package,
    • The second spiral bound document contains a detailed look at the 20 or so most important sections as well as several applicable Federal statues
  • Certification of Qualification (if qualifying score is attained)
  • Passport Style Photos ( 3 2×2, 6 1×1)
  • Certificate of Course Completion
  • Application Completion Assistance

PRICE : $150 (Massasoit Gun Club members receive a 15% discount)

Location :      Massasoit Gun Club   21 Abraham Rd    Riverside, RI

Dates:             Jan 19th       Mar 16th      May  18th

Times:            8:00 AM – 1:00 PM


To Register, call us at 401-829-9249 or use the CONTACT US link below…

This course is for law-abiding citizens who qualify under local, state and federal laws to own, possess, purchase & transport firearms & ammunition.  You will be asked to certify that fact.

(Firearms for a desired caliber, 30 rounds of the appropriate ammo as well as eye & ear protection are available for an extra fee.  If you are providing your own firearms and ammo (30 rounds factory ammo only) please be familiar with and follow all local, state and federal laws related to the possession & transportation of firearms & ammo for all the jurisdictions through which you will travel.)

To Register or for More Info:

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Private & Group Lessons

For individuals, small groups and corporate “Team Building” events.  We can incorporate your specific interests in this event.  Call for more information.    Buy appointment only.  These events utilize both dry-fire (using the latest laser training tools) in addition to live-fire.

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