Be Responsible: Concealed Carry Training

Take it to the next level of self-defense with these courses designed to educate students about concealed carry laws.



USCCA's Concealed Carry Fundamentals Seminar

Students taking this seminar will learn how to develop a personal and home protection plan; self-defense firearms basics; violent encounters and their aftermath; and more. This course does not have live-fire.

Example of concealed carry. Shot against a white background.




PSCCCA Principles of Self-Defense/Rules of Engagement

This seminar provides you with the information, tools, and mental preparedness necessary to navigate any legal repercussions that follows a lethal force encounter.



PSCCCA Multi-State Concealed Carry Bootcamp

Students taking these courses are assisted with the application and completion of up to six states' requirements for a LTC: Massachusetts, Utah, Florida, Virginia, Maine, and Connecticut.

Revolver and Bullets and Concealed Weapon Permit



PSC_Personal Protection

PSCCCA Rhode Island Concealed Carry

Rhode Island requires a live fire qualification in order to obtain a concealed carry permit. PSCCCA offers the qualifications services necessary to satisfy the state's requirement, as well as application assistance. This service is $50 per hour. Please email us to schedule an appointment.



Private Lessons

For individuals and small groups.

PSC_Personal Protection