Why PSC's Concealed Carry Academy?

There is no question that, even with all the problems we face as a nation, we live in the greatest country in the world and as such have never had a more professionally trained and equipped law enforcement community to protect us than we do now.

However, there is another reality – and that is that the law enforcement community cannot be everywhere, and they – of necessity –react to crime after the fact  - and that takes time, precious time.

We believe that it is incumbent on each of us to do whatever is within reason, in order to help reduce our vulnerability to crime, or – where appropriate - to better prepare ourselves to protect that which is dear to us.

Our goal at PSC is to assist those folks who want to take more responsibility for the safety of themselves (and their families) by learning those simple things they can do in order to make themselves less attractive as a target to a would-be criminal and, for those who wish, better prepare themselves to do more should that need arise.

We are professionals who are experienced and capable of helping you to evaluate your particular situation and help you make the decisions regarding the safety and security of you and your family which is right for you – then to assist in the implementation of those decisions.


Our President

Bob Casale

Bob is a 14-year veteran Police Officer with a Bachelor’s Degree in Law Enforcement.  During those 14 years, he served as a Patrol Officer, Detective, Sergeant, K9 Handler, Department Training Officer, Instructor at the RI Municipal Police Training Academy as well as an assistant instructor in the Law Enforcement programs at both Barrington College and Salve Regina College.  This diverse background provides him with a unique perspective on personal security. He is an NRA Chief Range Safety Officer as well a Certified Instructor in:

  • Massad Ayoob's "Use of Deadly Force"
  • Attorney Andrew Branca's "Principles of Self Defense"
  • NRA’s Refuse to be a Victim Course
  • USCCA Handgun Instructor
  • NRA Handgun Instructor
  • Security Equipment Corporation’s Certified Defensive Pepper Spray Courses

Our Staff

Terry Casale

The PSC staff consists of capable, competent, qualified and experienced individuals in their various disciplines.  You can rest assured that your personal security concerns are in good hands.



  • NRA Certified Handgun Instructor
  • SABRE Certified Pepper Spray Instructor
  • NRA Certified Range Safety Officer


  • Group & Private Safe Handgun Handling and Skills of
  • Marksmanship Classes w/Live-fire Sessions
  • Multi-State CCW Certification Workshops
  • Defensive Pepper Spray Workshops
  • Range Safety Officer Duties - Supervising Live-fire Sessions