Course Description

Students taking this course will leave with the requirements necessary to apply for a concealed carry license in up to six states - Massachusetts, Utah, Florida, Virginia, Maine*, and Connecticut.

Several of those states, with the exception of Maine* and Connecticut, require applicants to have successfully completed the NRA Home Firearm Safety course. Other requirements that vary between states include a live-fire session, or for the applicant to already have their concealed carry permit in their home state. This course structure is designed to enable students to apply for a combination of the aforementioned state concealed carry permits.

States like Utah have a reciprocity law, wherein a Utah license could be recognized in 25 to 30 states. Click here to check which states recognize Utah's CC permit. As state reciprocity agreements fluctuate often, you may want to bookmark that link.   

MA, UT, FL, VA, and ME* requirements are taught on Saturdays, while only Connecticut's requirements are taught on the following Sunday. With the 6-state option, you may schedule the Connecticut Sunday class for a future date.

Students will receive all forms, passport photos, and fingerprint cards, for states selected; and assistance with completing the application forms.


* Maine is a Constitutional Carry state, and a concealed carry permit may not required. We provide the forms necessary to apply, as well as application completion assistance.

Upcoming 2017 Classes

Fall class schedule coming soon.

Classes are held at the East Bay Chamber of Commerce, 16 Cutler St., Warren, RI 02885.

Cost by Permit

Mass only: $150

Utah only: $150

Mass & Utah: $175

5-State Certification: $200

Connecticut only: $200

6-State Certification: $300

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